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The Program Planning Committee of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction is pleased to call for papers that address this year’s conference theme or that engage with any other aspect of symbolic interaction:

“Power, Structure, and Intersectionality in Symbolic Interaction”

Symbolic Interactionism has long been plagued (fairly or unfairly) with accusations of having an astructural bias and failing to adequately engage with the dynamics of power. Many symbolic interactionist scholars have defended the SI perspective against this charge and some have put forward explicit arguments for interactionist conceptions of both structure and power (see, notably, Fine and Kleinman, 1983; Prus, 1999; Athens 2015). However, the “myth” of the astructural bias has continued to loom over SI and has had a marginalizing effect on the perspective (McGinty 2016). Current socio-political concerns about identity, representation, and marginality are ripe for analyses rooted in the SI tradition: analyses which attend carefully and explicitly to issues of power, structure, and intersectionalities. Indeed, these concerns involve many of the “underdog” groups that symbolic interactionists, as ethnographers and qualitative researchers of the margins, have long been concerned with. The theme of this year’s annual meeting encourages symbolic interactionists to face the criticisms of astructural bias head-on and to engage with issues of power, diversity, social structure, and conflict as they are interactionally realized and experienced by individuals and groups and implicated in social life.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Patricia Hill Collins, Distinguished University Professor Emerita in the Department of Sociology at the University of Maryland, will present the SSSI 2019 Distinguished Lecture: “Not Just Ideas: Intersectionality and Epistemic Resistance.” The Distinguished Lecture will take place on Saturday, August 10 at 4:00, and be followed by the annual SSSI Awards Banquet.

We encourage the submission of individual papers and complete thematic panels (3-4 papers) that engage with the conference theme including, but not limited to, such topics as:

Gender RelationsSocial stratification
Gender Diversity and IdentityPower in ethnographic research
Race and RacializationPower in ethnographic research
SexualitiesMedia and power in discourse
Domination & SubordinationStigma and Marginalization
Agency and constraintSelf and Identity in the Context of Power Relations
Conflict in social lifeSocial institutions and power

As always, we are also interested in and will accept papers and panels that engage with any and all aspects of symbolic interactionism, including theory, method, pedagogy, and symbolic interactionist analyses of any and all substantive topics. 

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Accommodations and Planning to Attend:

A limited number of rooms has been reserved at the Westin New York at Times Square for conference attendees at a special rate of $255 (single/double occupancy), $285 (triple occupancy), and $315 (quad occupancy). To access this rate you must book your room by July 18, 2019.

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Registration and Membership

All presenters will be required to be members of SSSI at the time of the conference. Information about Membership and Conference Registration will follow.

Registration Fees (Registration will open in May 2019)

$100: Tenured faculty
$70: Untenured faculty

$60: Postdoctoral Researchers; Retired Faculty
Free: students

Banquet tickets: $60
Student banquet ticket: $30

All presenters must also be members of SSSI. 

Program Planning Committee
Stacey Hannem, Vice President SSSI, Wilfrid Laurier University (Chair)
Thaddeus Muller, Past-Vice President SSSI, Lancaster University
Tim Hallett, Vice President elect SSSI, Indiana University Bloomington
Lisa-Jo van den Scott, Treasurer SSSI, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Thomas DeGloma, Past-President SSSI, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center